Moving Day Madness: How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy throughout the Process

By Keith Loria

When it comes to moving, there’s no shortage of things to think about as you go through the process, but one thing that many people don’t think much about is the impact a move can have on a pet.
Cats and dogs get used to a routine and like familiar surroundings. When they’re yanked from a home and placed in a new environment, it could lead to behavioral changes, loss of appetite or overall sadness.
According to the American Humane Association, prior to moving day, pet parents should make sure pets are fitted with collars and ID tags with your name and current cellphone number. Microchipping is also recommended, serving as a backup if your pet loses its collar.
Before the move, be sure to check with the City Clerk’s office in your new town to find out about local ordinances. Not only are leash laws and licensing common, but so are limits on the number of pets per household.
For pet owners with more exotic pets, make sure you know the pet laws and regulations of the state to which you're moving. For example, if you own a monkey or reptile, you might need a special permit. Zoning laws may prohibit certain animals, as well.
When traveling, if your pet is prone to car sickness, make sure you visit your veterinarian a few weeks prior to your move to get any prescribed medications and feeding recommendations. The last thing you want is a sick pet adding to the stress of moving day.
For long-distance moves, be sure to identify pet-friendly hotels along your route and reserve rooms ahead of time.
Once you arrive at your new house, create a pet-friendly space filled with your pet’s favorite blanket and toys. It’s also important that you spend some time with your pet—whether it’s a cat, dog, bird, rabbit or even guinea pig—to help them get comfortable. Make sure they know where their food is, and for cats, where the litter box is located.
Moving with pets doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Most pet owners treat their pets like members of the family, so don’t forget about their needs when a move is made. A happy and healthy pet can make any move go smoother.
For more tips to make your move easier on your pet, contact our office today.

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