3 Facebook Updates That Affect the Way You Advertise

By Patty McNease, Director of Marketing for Homes.com

You've spent months, maybe even years mastering the art of advertising your real estate business on Facebook; however, there is one constant that we can always count on in regards to Facebook: change. Change can either benefit your current position by giving you more options to work with, or throw you a couple of months off track while you master the updates that replaced features you were accustomed to using or that worked to your advantage.
In the last couple of months, Facebook has rolled out new updates to their Ads Manager that affect the way you advertise your listings, business, and yourself as a REALTOR®. These updates include the removal of key options in detailed targeting and the addition of new options to target audiences and new ad layouts that give audiences a more engaging experience.
Facebook Updates
1. Detailed Targeting

In September 2017, Facebook exposed anti-Semitic ad targeting options in the job title/employer sections of their detailed targeting options. Anti-Semitic groups used these options to target ads to hate groups. Facebook quickly took action and removed "self-reported targeting fields" to help the fight against hate speech and discrimination.  
However, in the attempt to fight hate and discrimination, Facebook removed a lot of the job title/employer options real estate professionals use to target ads to their audiences. For instance, targeting using job titles such as "real estate sales agent, agent/broker, broker/owner, REALTOR®" (options that were once available) are not available anymore.
As winter approaches and you create your 2018 social media marketing plan, this is the perfect time to get organized with Ads Manager and start researching the options available to create the perfect, detailed targeting list.
2. Event Interaction
A great way for agents to bring in leads for open houses is by using Facebook events. Sending all your followers an event invite for your open house can give you insight into those who are interested in the property. Facebook has seen the potential for advertisers to target followers who show interest in the event and are now allowing ads to be targeted to anyone who has marked the invite as "interested," "going," or both.
After the open house, take the list of "interested" invitees and send them a promoted ad of the listing. That way, you gain lead information from those who attended and possibly even those who showed interest in the event, doubling your chances of getting the property sold before the slow winter season.
3. New Canvas Layouts

Canvas ads are beautiful, interactive ads that not many REALTORS® seem to use. This ad type takes more time to create, but allows audiences to engage with the ad by choosing the direction they want the ad to take them. The only issue with canvas ads was the limited number of templates Facebook had available: one. Seeing the potential, Facebook released two new templates for users to pick from. 
Imagine using canvas ads to take your audience through a virtual tour of a home. The first image is the front of the house; followers can then click through the ad to see the home, room by room, in the order that they want to go, falling more in love with the property. This ad type pairs well with the event ad-targeting update to reach followers who couldn't make it to your open house.
Facebook has been busy this third quarter releasing update after update, and there's only one thing we know for sure: they will continue to release updates.
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