Leverage Social Media to Maximize Opportunities and Generate More Sales

By Sherri Johnson, CEO & Founder, Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting

Social media is so important in today’s real estate industry. Not only is it an easy and cost-efficient way for you to market your services and offerings, but it allows you to engage with people in ways that can connect you to more business. If you’re not up to speed on social media, implement these steps immediately to generate engagement with your sphere and potential clients you haven’t met yet.
Utilize many social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Create a Twitter account, a YouTube Channel, an Instagram business account, and a Facebook Business Page. Make sure your Facebook account is a service template and then highlight the services you offer.
Leverage Facebook 5-star reviews. More and more, people are starting to rely on reviews when making decisions. Most agents have 1-2 reviews on their Facebook Business Page. You should have 30-50. Don’t be hesitant to ask people for a 5-star review. For a copy of the Sherri Johnson 5 Star Review Letter Template, email yourock@sherrijohnson.com.
Create engagement. It is one thing for you to post and put your content on social media, but what you need is for people to take action. We want people to like, comment, and share your posts. One strategy you can use is to include in your post “Share this new listing with your friends!” to encourage people to interact with your post.
Offer something of value with a call to action. Your posts should include calls to action, such as offering your homebuyer guide. You can also have calls to action on your Facebook Business Page by adding a button that says, “Book Appointments Now.”
Promote yourself. I always say that you need to sell yourself first, then you can sell a home. Your social media needs to promote you! Promote solds, new to markets, and open houses. You can also promote yourself with action-oriented messages like “You need to list with me because____...”
Taking advantage of social media is essential to any successful business. In fact, social media advertising should be a major art of your listing presentation and you should have a social media plan for each of your listings. For a copy of the Sherri Johnson Social Media Planner and for a list of ways you can further enhance your social media, email yourock@sherrijohnson.com.
Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Homes.com Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact coaching@sherrijohnson.com or 844-989-2600 (toll free) or visit www.sherrijohnson.com.

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