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By Patty McNease, VP of Brand Marketing for

As an agent, you have to be able to keep up with the latest trends in social media. It can be difficult, but it is a vital part of your job. Recently, Facebook announced some changes for how their content would be prioritized and shared, favoring the content and building engagement in Groups.
Managing Facebook Groups can be fun, but you have to get members in the group and get the content rolling in. Now is the time to tackle Facebook Groups and begin to incorporate them into your strategy as a real estate agent.
Why You Should Use Facebook Groups
With the recent changes announced by Facebook, Groups will be featured more prominently in users' news feeds. This means that the content from users' Groups will be prioritized over content from regular pages they follow. As an agent, you have a great opportunity to create a Group that focuses on your local area and helps you interact with your Facebook followers, establishing yourself as the local expert for real estate.
What Is a Facebook Group?
A Facebook Group is just what its name implies: a group that is found on Facebook. In a Facebook Group, you can create content that is geared towards a specific audience. Depending on your goals, that audience could be a Group of local residents, fellow real estate agents or DIY enthusiasts. There are endless possibilities for what you can do in your Facebook Group.
Different Groups to Create
Facebook Groups can be great for many different reasons. Before you create a Group, try to think about what your goal is so you can target the audience you are trying to include in the Group. To start, we have some suggestions of groups that you can create:
Specific Neighborhoods: A Group focused on a neighborhood could be a great place for you to start. As mentioned before, think about the audience that you wish to target. Invite past clients who live in the neighborhood to join the Group and have them share that Group with their neighbors. Then, get the conversation started by asking members to recommend their favorite spots around town.
Buy, Sell, Trade:
You can also make a Group that is targeted to buying, selling or trading goods, otherwise known as a BST Group. A Group like this can help create a sense of community, especially if members regularly engage in the Group. You also have an opportunity for Group members to organize a group or neighborhood sale.
There are endless opportunities for engagement and exposure for you when you create a Facebook Group. Even though Facebook is still a great way for you to reach new clients, it can take a lot of time to nurture social media and to create Groups with a targeted audience. Social media can be a difficult part of your real estate business to manage, but can help with that! We have a team of social media experts that can help you find and engage with your audience. Learn more about Social Fuel at
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