The Complex Question of Social Media and Video Content

By Jim Knowlton

As director of coaching for Workman Success Systems, I am often asked about best practices for video and social media. However, this topic is more complex than that and deserves a heavier answer. I am going to attempt to discuss this topic and incorporate a favorite eBook of mine, “Becoming a Master of Virtual Real Estate.”

How do we have regular, meaningful and value-added communication with our Top 50 clients and our SOI by becoming a master of virtual real estate? Well, it’s the agents and teams who continue to provide service in ways that make buyers and sellers feel confident who will close the most business. It’s time to add these services to your arsenal and solidify customer loyalty to create raving fans for life.

First, acknowledge everyday activities such as birthdays, anniversaries and family events on social media for your Top 50/SOI. By supporting your Top 50/SOI online and recognizing the things they post about, it makes them feel like you care about them. When you acknowledge the things that are important to them, it lets them know that you support them, forming a connection that encourages them to support you in return.

Next, post interesting, non-real estate-related content you find when out doing your job. For example, did you recently list or show a house with a beautiful view? Was the landscaping something you’ve never seen before? Or did the property include the most impressive pool you have ever seen? Post it! When you have a balanced feed on social media, it makes it look like you are serving instead of selling.

Lastly, as nice as a Facebook birthday post is, a thoughtful text, inspiring video or meaningful card is even better—especially if you include your face in it. This allows them to connect with you even further by visually connecting with who sent them that thoughtful sentiment. The “Becoming a Master of Virtual Real Estate” eBook touches on this, and even though everything is moving virtual, you can still stop by and leave a small gift for births, graduations and even promotions.

Always look to offer service and support, and don’t ask for sales. We call this service regardless of opportunity (SRO). People do business with people they like and trust. Helping others is not only good for them, but it is also a good thing to do. It makes us happier and healthier, too. Giving connects us to others and leads to stronger communities and a happier society for everyone. And it’s not all about money. We should give our time, ideas and energy, and they will return the favor.

Nearly three decades of real estate experience—including 15 years of coaching with Verl Workman—have made Jim Knowlton one of the top agents in the country and one of the most popular coaches on the Workman Success Systems’ team. In addition to serving as director of Coaching for Workman Success Systems, Knowlton also owned and managed several real estate franchises. Contact him at

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