A Social Media Strategy for the 2020 Holiday Season

By Paige Brown

With the holiday season is in full swing, it may be time to change up your winter social media strategy. Though many aspects of life have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, households across the country are still planning their holiday celebrations, whether it be a Christmas morning packed with presents and decor or an intimate gathering to ring in the new year. 
With so many companies vying for the attention of social media users, a specific and strong strategy through the holidays will help you and your brand stay top-of-mind. Rather than pumping out your usual content, or in addition, join your community by sharing the holiday spirit with these social media content ideas.
Change Up Your Branding
If your headshot, profile picture or cover photo portray spring or summer, swap it out for something a little more seasonal, such as changing up your outfit to fit the changing weather or choosing photos of fall leaves or holiday decorations. Because your headshot and profile photos give you a chance to make a lasting first impression, something as simple as updating them to stay timely and relevant can make a big impact on your social presence.
Share a Holiday Decor Guide
Whether you serve a warm and sunny community or one covered in snow, your audience will still actively decorate their homes for the holidays. From DIY decor projects to safety tips for putting up a tree and hanging lights, you can provide content that spreads cheer and excitement for the upcoming festivities. Even share something personal, such as a family tradition or childhood memory, and encourage your followers to do the same, creating conversations that may lead you to new clients. 
Host a Holiday Giveaway
Whether you are seasoned in giveaways or this is your first time, the holidays are a great time to spark creativity while giving back. Ask your followers to take photos of their holiday decorations and tag you in their post. Share each post and give away a prize to the person who gets the most likes. Prizes can be as simple as a recipe to add to their Thanksgiving spread or a special ornament for their Christmas tree. Facebook is the best place for giveaways, as you can post on your business page, personal page or in community groups.
Spread Joy in Your Community
Because this year has brought so many unexpected challenges, it is more important than ever to get involved with your community by giving back. Host a canned food drive, take coat donations for a local shelter or set up your office as a drop-off point for Toys for Tots. Document and promote these events and other local organizations on your social media, encouraging your followers to get involved and showcasing your dedication to your community.
The extra time and effort that you put into your social media strategy this holiday season can make a huge impact on your business success, even into next year. Though it may seem these details can go unnoticed, these simple changes to your social media are perfect for any agent looking to build their lead generation and define themselves as a leading community expert.
Paige Brown is RISMedia's content editor.

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