Social Media Strategies for Successful Agents in 2021

By Paige Brown

2020 brought us on a wild ride. With the COVID-19 pandemic completely changing the way we live and work, we head into the new year with a unique set of guidelines and tools. But for real estate agents looking for success in the upcoming year, learning new guidelines and understanding how to best utilize these tools are just the starting point. 
As we start the new year, it is vital for agents, brokers and real estate professionals alike to develop a new and improved social media strategy for the ever-changing real estate landscape, taking into account everything they've learned in 2020. 
Here are some strategies to add to your social media plan for business success in 2021: 
Utilize Technology
As 2020 forced many people to work remotely, agents needed to quickly learn new ways to not only market their business, but also conduct it as well. With social distancing guidelines in place, in-person open houses and showings became nearly irrelevant. Now, listings showcase 3D tours, virtual walkthroughs and even aerial footage of the property and neighborhood shot by drones. Video calls using programs like Zoom, Skype and even Facebook are transforming the way agents interact with their teams and their clients, creating seamless and convenient communication. Now more than ever, virtual listings are being shared on social media, allowing agents to stay in business and continuing homebuyers' and sellers' real estate journeys. Consider posting pre-recorded videos or recording live to answer questions, share tips and update your audience with the most up-to-date information regarding local rules, regulations and news.
Connect to the Community
This year has made a major impact on local communities, from the ongoing health crisis closing down businesses to families losing their jobs and homes. Unfortunately, many communities have struggled through these long months, searching for resources and guidance to help keep them healthy, informed and educated. It is important for real estate professionals to continue being active in their communities, whether it be through donations to a charitable cause or hosting a drive to help those in need. In addition to emphasizing company values through involvement, these actions will help clients and leads see agents, brokers and brands who give back to their communities, resulting in a more trusted and honored relationship. Share local charities, drives and causes in your community across your social media platforms to create an opportunity for your audience to communicate and come together. This will give you and your brand a strong starting point for the future of your business. 
Automate Your Content 
With technology advancing in the real estate space, now is the time for agents to consider automating the content they post across their social media. This automation not only serves as a tool to keep your audience engaged and constantly updated, but also gives you the time to learn and adapt to new technology, dedicate more time to giving back to the community, and especially put more of your time and energy into the needs of your clients. With automation platforms, such as RISMedia's ACESocial, you can build your brand and increase your social media engagement, helping you resonate while automatically delivering your expertise to your audience. This tool also works as a safeguard for your business, ensuring that even through unprecedented times, when your services are needed offline, your social media presence will still thrive.
Though this year has inevitably changed the way we do business in unexpected ways, it has also transformed the way technology is utilized and how we communicate, as well as created new and improved tools and resources for real estate professionals. With a mix of innovation and creative thinking, agents across the world have learned how to navigate through unforeseen circumstances and adapt to a new way of doing business in the future. By incorporating these strategies to your social media plan, 2021 may be your best year yet!
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