5 Ways Not to Go Stir Crazy This Winter

From toddlers to adults, winter weather puts a damper on many of our usual activities, setting the stage for a bad dose of cabin fever as we await the spring thaw. But with an open mind and a few go-to ideas, you and the family can avoid going stir crazy and actually enjoy the many benefits winter offers. Try a few of the following ideas to keep your winter active and enjoyable.

1. Keep walking. If walking or hiking are among your favorite activities, don’t feel like you have to abandon them during the winter season. Invest in some cold-weather layers and a comfortable pair of hiking boots and head to the trail...or just around the neighborhood. Winter can turn some of your favorite summer spots into strikingly beautiful landscapes, such as the beach or a forest path. Try to time your walks for the warmest part of the day, heading out when the sun is shining brightly, and you won’t even feel the cold after you get moving.

2. Learn a winter sport. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, learn a winter sport, like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or ice skating. Such activities offer something for any level, from beginner to expert, so the whole family can participate. Winter sports are a great form of exercise and put you up close with beautiful winter landscapes.

3. Take up an indoor activity. Have you always wanted to try yoga? How about weight training or a high-intensity-training (HIT) routine? There’s no need to worry about getting to the gym—look no further than your living room or basement. Winter is a great time to explore one of these indoor exercise routines, and thanks to a surplus of apps and online tutorials, you’ll be able to get up to speed in no time.

4. Get out the games. It’s easy to become a couch potato and spend your winter binge-watching anything and everything. But too much TV can make you feel down and sluggish. Balance screen time with game time. The possibilities are endless, from a chess match with your partner to charades with the entire family. You can also teach yourself a few new card games to while away winter hours. Games exercise your brain and are great bonding moments for you and your loved ones.

5. Get crafty. Explore your inner artist during the cold weather months by trying any number of activities. It’s the perfect time to take up knitting, painting or carpentry, or to work on simple craft projects with the kids. Remember that art is subjective, so don’t place high standards on your final product. The fun is in the creative journey.

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