Introducing Clubhouse: The Newest Toolset for Your Real Estate Business

By Patty McNease, VP of Brand Marketing for

It seems like every day there is a groundbreaking change in the social media world. Most recently, a new social media platform made its debut: Clubhouse. Clubhouse is not your standard social media platform; it's purely conversational.
There have been a lot of popular real estate agents who have taken to the new platform to create open conversation for topics ranging from social media in real estate to navigating a tough market. With a new social media platform, comes a new way to understand how it can benefit your business. If you're looking for tips on how to use this platform to its full potential, you'll want to keep reading.
How Does Clubhouse Work?
Every social media platform has its own features, and Clubhouse is no exception. Clubhouse is different from the other leading social media platforms as it has no status posting or photo sharing options. There is only one thing: audio. Clubhouse can be viewed as a trifecta: part podcast, part webinar and part conference.
When you join Clubhouse, you create a place for you to join live conversations or a place for you to just listen and learn. In these conversations, you can join and ask questions or voice your opinion on the subject at hand. Another difference from other social platforms is that these conversations are one-time only, they are not recorded. This gives you the chance to have organic conversation with a participating audience.
Make the Perfect Profile
To create the perfect profile, select a picture that will make you easy to identify. After that, add a good description for your profile that will make you stand out amongst the other real estate agents. Your profile should be unique. Remember, this platform is brand new, so make the best of it as it grows.
Who Should You Follow?
Once you have your profile complete, start connecting with as many people as possible who you might find interesting. Those who you find interesting could be real estate speakers or influencers or people you've already connected with on other social channels. The choices are endless.
As you continue building your base on Clubhouse, you'll want to begin following those you can network with or learn from. You should consider following some real estate agents who are well-known in the real estate industry.
Top agents such as Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Barbara Betts and Michele Bellisari have already taken to Clubhouse to discuss certain topics with other members of the real estate industry. If you're looking to learn or network, you can always search for other followers as you would any other social app. This is a new platform, so everyone may not have a Clubhouse account yet.
What Content Should You Post?
Now that you have started connecting with other users and you have the perfect profile, you may find yourself ready to open up your own conversation. Just remember, any of your followers can join in the conversation.
During these conversations, there are endless opportunities to leverage Clubhouse to your advantage. You have the opportunity to connect with other agents, but you also have the option to build up your client base with content that is relevant to them. Here are a few topics you could cover that could help your clients:
- Discuss the local market conditions where you work.
- Discuss the process of buying or selling a home.
- Meet with local small business owners to give them a chance to promote themselves from your channel. This also promotes the area you work in.
A new social channel means a new opportunity to find referrals or new clients; however, just like every other social platform, don't be overbearing in your approach. And remember, listen and participate in any conversations that you find interesting. You never know where this app will take you.
You might find yourself ready to take on Clubhouse and experience the next best thing in social media. You have unlimited opportunities to build your network and hold organic conversations with other agents, clients or potential clients. If you're ready, download the Clubhouse app and start your conversation. During a time where the market is hot, Clubhouse isn't the only opportunity you should be taking advantage of. Check out Local Connect to learn how you can reach active buyers and sellers searching homes in your zip codes!
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