Why You Should Never Skip a Home Inspection

In today’s competitive real estate market, with inventory at a premium, buyers are going to great lengths to win the race to the home of their dreams. From cash offers to bids well over asking, homebuyers are often attempting whatever they can to make their offer stand out.

For some anxious buyers, this includes waving the home inspection. While the desire to win the listing is understandably strong, the experts at Pillar To Post Home Inspectors explain why you should never forego a home inspection:

It could cost you big time. You may tell yourself that skipping the home inspection is no big deal—you’ll just take care of any problems down the road. However, major issues with the home won’t be able to wait on your budget and you’ll need to take care of them immediately, whether you have the funds or not.

Not all issues are visible. You may assume that you’ll be able to spot issues yourself, such as cracks in the wall or a leaky faucet, while touring the home. However, there are many issues that are invisible to the naked eye, including asbestos, radon, termites or a leak in the HVAC system.

The seller’s inspection may not cover you. In a competitive market, many sellers opt for a pre-sale home inspection, however, there’s no guarantee that they chose a reliable inspection company to work with. Also, be aware that the inspector is liable only to the person who paid for and ordered the inspection. So if the seller’s inspection missed an issue, you won’t have any recourse.

Your emotions could get in the way. A home inspection serves as an impartial and professional evaluation of a home, which is invaluable during the emotionally charged home-buying process. Your strong desire to secure the home—especially with other buyers vying for the same house—can impair your ability to clearly analyze the home and cause you to brush off issues as minor. A reliable home inspector will reveal all there is to know about the home, good and bad.

Remember, your home purchase is not only for shelter—it’s for long-term investment and will play a critical role in your financial future. A home inspection is a necessary part of the journey.

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