This Spring, Be Sure to Clean Inside and Out

There’s nothing like spring to get homeowners motivated for tackling projects around the house that they’ve been putting off all winter long. But according to a recent survey from lawn services provider TruGreen, this year’s spring cleaning tasks include tidying up a home’s outdoor space as well.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with OnePoll, was designed to understand American homeowners' spring cleaning habits, including which tasks rank at the top of their to-do lists and their motivations for completing the work.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the survey. See if they match up with your spring cleaning plans:

Spring and cleaning go hand-in-hand. The majority of homeowners wait until spring has started to begin crossing items off of their annual checklist. The survey found that 25% start in March and 19% begin in April.

A number of outdoor tasks are at the top of homeowners' to-do lists this year. While homeowners look to tackle projects indoors as well, priorities in their yard include: mowing the lawn (46%); raking leaves (43%); pruning bushes (40%); gardening and planting trees/shrubs (39%); pest control (39%); and weeding (37%).

Appearances matter. With a number of Americans continuing to work from home, they've prioritized improving their homes. For example, 78% have taken more pride in the look of their home, and nearly 70% have taken more pride in their outdoor spaces. Homeowners intend to make more investments in their lawn (31%), trees and shrubs (49%), and combating pests (36%) in 2022.

There’s a direct link between spring cleaning and homeowners' well-being. Research shows that 73% of respondents' motivation to partake in spring cleaning is to improve their overall health and wellness. Stress levels in particular directly correspond to the level of disorganization both inside (77%) and outside (69%) of the home.

Outdoor spaces remain indispensable. Three-quarters of homeowners polled indicated that they don't know where they would be without their outdoor space over the past two years.

Despite the desires of ambitious homeowners, many also indicated that they’d prefer to have a professional handle certain more daunting tasks. Nearly 60% indicated that they would rather hire a professional to handle their spring cleaning this year, and 62% would hire specifically for cleanup of their outdoor spaces. 

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