3 Outdoor Improvements That Could Increase Your Home's Value

Deciding to put your home on the market usually triggers a flurry of activity related to doing whatever you can to get the best possible offer from interested buyers. From updating kitchen appliances to painting all of your walls white, there are many tried and true improvements for increasing your home's value. But the process shouldn't stop at the front door.

As we head into the peak home-buying months, it's critical to make sure the outer environs of your home are taken into consideration as well. According to outdoor design experts, there are several projects you should focus on to not only boost curb appeal, but boost your home's value. Consider the following ideas to help increase your listing price.

Build a deck or patio. An inviting outdoor gathering spot is not just an attractive nice-to-have feature—it also adds important square footage to your home's footprint. Whether you opt for a warm wooden or composite deck or a slate patio, make sure this outdoor area jibes with the rest of your home's design, so that it feels like more of an extension rather than an add-on. Make your deck or patio screams relaxation with the addition of cushioned, all-weather lounge chairs and couches, maybe even a hammock or rocking chair. Add elements that create privacy, as well, such as a trellis or mature plantings.

Add a stand-out plant. You don't have to have a green thumb and intricate, bountiful gardens to add value to your yard. The addition of one or two strategically placed large plants or trees can instantly enhance the value of your landscape—both aesthetically and financially. Whether you're considering a flowering tree, a blooming hydrangea or rhododendron, or tall, beachy grasses, talk to a landscape professional about the best option for your yard and climate.

Create a rock pathway. You can take care of problem areas easily and inexpensively by covering them with an orderly and attractive layer of rocks or mulch. Use these carefree coverings to create an inviting pathway where the grass doesn't grow well, as a border against fences where it's hard to keep grass neat and trim, and in garden beds where weeds are an endless problem. Opt for rocks if you're in a dry climate as mulch requires moisture.

These are just some of the ways you can revamp your outdoor space in order to improve the value of your home. Your real estate agent will be able to make additional suggestions that are particularly important in your area.

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