Not Enough Light? These Plants Don't Mind

Plants can add so much to a home, from a soothing natural vibe to air-cleansing qualities. But what if your home just doesn't receive enough natural light? Can plants still be a part of your decor mix?

Absolutely, say the home and garden experts at Martha Stewart who curated a list of plant varieties that thrive in low-light environments. Here are just some of the great options to choose from:

Snake plant. Also known as Dracaena, snake plants are known for their long, striking foliage. They range in height from 3 - 4 inches tall to 3 - 4 feet tall, so choose an area of your home that can accommodate growth. Not only does this plant need little light, it's also drought tolerant adding to its easy-care reputation.

Peace lily. These graceful plants have an abundance of dark green leaves and sprout large white blossoms at the center. While it does require a lot of moisture, it doesn't need a lot of light like its tropical counterparts. Make sure it has good soil and water it frequently, and you'll enjoy its majestic blooms for years to come.

Pothos. Also known as Devil's Ivy, the long vining pothos plant thrives in low light conditions. Pothos vines can reach a length of 15 feet or more, and the leaves come in varieties of dark green, chartreuse, or variegated white and green. Added bonus: you can easily propagate these plants by placing a clipping in water.

Parlor palm. Also known as the Neanthe Bella Palm, these slow-growing palms can grow to be several feet in height, making a great statement piece in any room. It doesn't need much light or much water, preferring slightly dry soil.

Spider plant. This is a great option if you're looking for a hanging plant. Spider plants like indirect light and prefer to get slightly dry between watering. Place it in a spot where it receives some light, and try your hand at propagating one of its 'baby spiders' by placing it in a dish of water until it sprouts roots. 

These are just some of the plant options for low-light environments. There are plenty of choices available so put your indoor green thumb to work!

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