Survey: What Matters Most to Homeowners

A new survey from lawn-care services provider TruGreen takes a look at what matters most to homeowners across multiple generations, including their priorities when buying a home and their perceptions of the housing market in general.

According to the survey, conducted in conjunction with OnePoll, respondents spent an average of $3,600 within their first year of homeownership in order to help make the house their own, and face a continued investment to maintain their home over the years. Other key findings from the survey include: 

New homeowners are surprised by additional investments. Research shows that the average homeowner encountered about four surprises or unexpected costs within the first year of homeownership. Furthermore, 44% of respondents invested more money on their home within the first year of owning it than expected, and on average, spent two to three years upgrading their home until they were pleased with it.

Despite continued economic headwinds, Americans are starting to feel more optimistic about the housing market. Over the past couple of years, the fluctuating economy has impacted the housing market, but there may be potential positive shifts developing. Approximately 65% of homeowners are optimistic about the housing market, and 54% plan to look for another home within the next year.

Outdoor maintenance is a top priority. People take great pride in their home's appearance. In fact, 75% of homeowners believe it's important for their yard or home's exterior to look impeccable. As such, homeowners prioritize exterior home maintenance, such as patios (42%), functionality like upgrading their driveway (40%) and their yard/lawn (39%). Curb appeal is particularly important among Gen Zers (80%) and millennials (81%), as they predict they'll invest more in lawn care maintenance, tree and shrub care, and outdoor pest control than Gen Xers and boomers in 2023.

Homeowners trust the professionals. Nearly a third of American homeowners would hire a professional for home maintenance, and 62% would call a professional for a home improvement project. Younger generations were even more likely to call a professional for maintenance, with 61% of Gen Zers and 51% of millennials doing so, compared to 39% of Gen Xers and 24% of boomers.

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